Founder and Editor for Gentleness Ambassadors. I give Human Design chart readings, and I dance for my physical, emotional, and spiritual health. ✨

31 Days of Gentleness

Day 1: Benefits of consistently embodying and expressing your creativity

Photo of Alison by Starshia Photography. Used with permission by Alison.

Welcome to Day 1 of our 31-day collaborative Gentleness project, woohoo! I’d like to invite you to practice gentleness by reading this short story with a relaxed focus. Imagine that you’re taking a gentle stroll in a new garden you’ve never visited before, and you’re not quite sure if you…

Interview and mini Human Design chart analysis | 1/3 Splenic Manifestor

How a Children’s Voice Facilitator found her own authentic voice and is now nurturing children authors to find their authentic voices

Artwork by Yuanhui Chen for Stories by Children. Used with permission

Yuanhui Chen is a multi-talented friend who illustrated the book cover for my first book — Empower Your Life with Gentleness, and created many more whimsical illustrations for my poetry book — From the Womb of Gentleness. While Yuanhui was collaborating with me for our poetry book during November 2020…

How do you practice gentleness through embodying it?

Photo by Rodolfo Sanches Carvalho on Unsplash

Hello everyone!

How have you been? For me, October has been such an exhilarating ride in releasing so much past trauma, limiting beliefs, and being so much more aware of my blind spots.

Now that I’m feeling much more grounded, and to celebrate this day Nov 11, I’d love to…

Bingz Huang

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