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Gentleness Ambassador✨Storyteller✨Soul Dancer. I help soulful coaches and healers share their gentle wisdom too! Connect with me at

Hi, I’m Bingz Huang from Singapore. Here are some of the things I do in my solopreneur business:

Here’s my list of Human Design introductory articles and case studies

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The author’s Human Design chart. Source: Genetic Matrix

Your Human Design chart has been described to be a user manual for your life. Yes, the chart looks so incredibly complex at first glance! But, even just knowing the basics of your chart can help you build greater self-awareness of how you function as an energetic being. It can also be used as a personal development tool to help you achieve greater fulfillment in your life.

Many of my clients are energetically sensitive and soulful coaches and healers who receive a clear validation of the progress they’ve made over the years in realigning to their true selves. …

Gentleness Ambassador♡Storyteller♡Soul Dancer

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Healing artwork commissioned by Yuanhui Chen. Words added using Canva.

A big hello to my friends on Medium, I’m Bingz from Singapore!


Taking my nickname Bingz, I aspire to be:

  • Bright
  • Inspirational
  • New
  • Gentle, and
  • Zen!

‘B’ for Bright

As a child, I loved watching Care Bears do their Care Bear stares, where shiny magical powers radiate from their cute tummies to help save the day! I love seeing myself as a bright light who’s not afraid to keep shining my uniqueness. On a soul level, I do believe that my soul originated from a distant planet. I share more about this in my little poem here.

As a sensitive empath and recovering…

You moved me from feeling calm, to panic, to delightful surprise, Tia! What a magical experience. Thank you for sharing with us. :)

Such a beautiful and empowering sharing, Shailaja! These are all great reminders on how we can keep letting go of expectations in every aspect of our lives. Thank you for inspiring us with your personal experiences too.

A newsletter by Gentleness Ambassadors

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Photo by freestocks on Unsplash

Dear gentle souls,

Welcome to a fresh beginning in March. How did February go for you? February has been a super productive month for me. I’m happy to get into a new rhythm in writing and publishing more stories and interviews of people who inspire me with their Gentleness.

It delights me that some writers have found this publication recently and requested to join us. Thank you to our newest writers Katrina Bos, Reo, Madeline Phang, Pavitra Gurumurthi, and John Walter 📣. We look forward to reading your stories that radiate Gentleness. …

Dear solopreneurs, do you ever wonder where you should post your valuable content first, Medium or your website? My authentic business coach, George Kao, prefers to post on Medium first, then to his website.

Here’s his strategy:

“1. Write and publish my article to first.

2. Wait a week for Google to index it. (I can check if Google has indexed it by putting the article title in quotes and seeing if it comes up on Google.)

3. Then I’ll put it on my own website blog, with a canonical tag.” ~George Kao

You can read his approach and rationale in this article here:

Thanks, George, for your valuable tips!

These places make you feel most alive

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Photo by Artem Beliaikin on Unsplash

“Envy is wanting what someone else has.” ~ WebMD

This photo is perfect for what I’d love to share with you! If you ever feel a twinge of envy seeing this gorgeous waterfall which you haven’t visited yet, this is where you feel most alive! Go visit that waterfall! Jot it down in your to-do list and take any small step towards it if this feels impossible right now.

My parents, especially my mom, raised me with the belief that I shouldn’t impose on others too much, so I learned not to have any preferences. It must have been overwhelming…

Welcome to Authentic Solopreneurs, Katrina! I'm so excited to have you onboard. You have so many soulful offerings! Looking forward to sharing your gentle wisdom :)

It became the language of my soul

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Photo by Nadim Merrikh on Unsplash

I’m no professional dancer but, over the years, dance has had a potent impact on my life. It has offered me lessons and epiphanies, some more helpful than others. But somehow, all these epiphanies died down when I became a mom nine years ago.

All of a sudden, I became most useful as pieces of furniture for my babies (thankfully one at a time) — a cradle, a bed, and a bus. I had to constantly sit on the floor while they played, and intense fatigue doomed me to not leave the comfort of my bed as much as possible…

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