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Gentleness Ambassador. My Word for 2021 is Dance! Editor for Authentic Solopreneurs and Gentleness Ambassadors. I teach at

Don’t be afraid of using it.

Remember the story Princess and the Pea written by Hans Christian Anderson? It’s a fairy tale that honors sensitivity as a royal trait, but I’ve also heard it used by parents and caregivers to belittle sensitive children.

Most of us grew up with the conditioned belief that our high sensitivity is simply too much to handle. We might be crying over the littlest things and be made to feel guilty for our tears. We might refuse to stay in daycare because there are way too many people in it, but we were told to just bear with it just like…

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Dear fellow gentle and sensitive souls,

We’d like to extend you a warm welcome to Gentleness Ambassadors publication!

This is a dedicated space for you to share and read about how we can practice being gentler with ourselves and others. So many of us typically see our world as a harsh environment that does not value gentleness. I believe we can start to shift this perception by dedicating more time and energy towards honoring gentleness. …

We don’t have to avoid feeling them

“Why do you dance?” I was sitting cross-legged on the dance studio floor with 7 other dance mates. We were all young working adults who had successfully auditioned for this part-time one-year dance training program called the Dance Explorer. Instead of just learning to perform various dance genres, our two main instructors of this program wanted us to express ourselves artistically through Dance. One of them asked us this simple yet incredibly open-ended question as an ice-breaker introduction.

I went all dreamy and replied, “I want to use dance to spread more joy and beauty to more people!”

It’s so much more magical

Yes, I’ve done it before, and I still do it — I think about writing way more than actually writing or typing. I’ve had perfect paragraphs form in my mind, but they only existed in my mind.

Writing is so different from merely thinking about writing. You can think about writing all day long, but the impact of actually writing every day, even if it’s just 5 minutes a day, is amazing.

What you actually write, is not just a product of your thoughts. It’s something so much more magical and potent. …

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Dear readers and writers,

I’d love to share with you an important milestone for Authentic Solopreneurs — we’ve reached 100 Followers! Woohoo! A big thank you to all readers and writers for supporting this publication. I look forward to seeing this publication continue to expand and benefit more solopreneurs :)

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Here are our latest stories published over the past week to nourish and inspire you with more insights and ideas you might want to try out for your solopreneur businesses.

Enjoy the read!

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Why Every Business Owner Needs a Daily…

My gentle productivity hack as a scatterbrained work-from-home mom

Starting an online business on the side feels a bit like living the secret life of Superman. Clarke Kent doesn’t like attracting attention in his super busy day job as a journalist, but he sneaks out at random times with slick hair and a fancy costume to save humanity as a superhero. I’m seen as a mom in my real life, but I mentally disappear into my online business through my smartphone/laptop. …

May you feel safe and grounded to be yourself

Do you tend to feel overly excited and jittery as a highly sensitive person?

I’d love to share with you a new mini visualization that came to me while facilitating a private healing session for a client who wanted to feel calmer and more grounded.

The visualization process is quite simple and easy to remember. Simply read through the steps below once, sit or lie down in a private space, and set a timer with a soft bell tone for just a short period of 3–5 minutes. …

And now it’s time to include me in this world too

There she is — a vision of beauty. Standing firmly rooted in the vast green field, multiple entwined arms spreading elegantly, reaching towards the heavenly realms, leaves rustling gently in the cool breeze. She beckons me to dance with her, moving my arms, and pink-peach silk fan veils through the air, twirling, extending, contracting, spiraling through her huge aura.

Whenever I dance within her nurturing presence, it feels easier to believe that I belong to this vision of beauty too. …

How can I improve it?

I initially posted my thoughts on the ‘Princess and the Pea’ story on Facebook and had a wonderful response from my fellow highly sensitive friends.

The responses to my short article were heartwarming, so I think this has some potential in reaching even more readers who are highly sensitive.

My own critique about this piece is that it’ll create so much more resonance if I included my personal journey on how I eventually made peace with my sensitivity.

What do you think of it? I’d love to have your feedback and suggestions, especially if you’ve been struggling to accept your…

Bingz Huang

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