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Gentleness Ambassador✨My Word for 2021 is Dance! ✨I help soulful coaches and healers build their tribe on and via Medium.

Dear Bernadette, I'm so glad that you're sharing your challenges, triumphs, and these powerful Heart Truths that helped you move through those dark nights of the soul. It's so beautiful to witness your multiple achievements over the 15 years I've known you.

I feel so blessed to know you and learn from you. Welcome to Authentic Solopreneurs!



My word for 2021 is ‘Dance’

Photo by Darius Bashar on Unsplash

I got angry in reaction to an unpleasant experience one morning last week. Somehow, after dancing daily for these few weeks, my first instinct was to go dance in the park just across the road where I was.

I chose my favorite spot in the park where I always see this beautiful tree who I lovingly refer to as Amelia. She looked like a magnificent dancer with her wide and sturdy trunk and her branches spread out so beautifully. She beckoned me to dance with her. …

I love the idea of Compassionate Eating, Tara. It feels so gentle just reading the example you gave, which I feel so many of us can relate. Thank you for sharing your wisdom. 🧡

Hello Tara, thank you for introducing yourself and your business. I'm so glad that you'll be sharing more about your expertise to help more business leaders and entrepreneurs feel more peaceful around food. A warm welcome again to Authentic Solopreneurs publication :)

Yay for moving Qi and cracking open closed minds! Thank you for sharing your fascinating Qi adventures, Tia Ma. I can almost see this a highly entertaining and satisfying mini-movie!

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Dear readers and writers,

Welcome to our third newsletter! We have 11 articles and 4 new business bios added over the past two weeks. It feels like a soulful read for me!🤩

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An invitation to describe your unique radiance

Created in Canva by the author

Almost two weeks ago, I posted this question in my personal Facebook profile:

Do you shine more like the sun or the moon?

It’s so fascinating to see the various responses from my friends! Most of them are quite clear-cut in their answers, choosing either the sun or the moon with utmost certainty. Some of them gave other answers, such as:

  • lightning,
  • starlight,
  • moon disguised as sun,
  • cloudy sunset with moon rising on the edge,
  • “Life has run the gamut, from black hole to supernova and everything in between”.
  • “half-moon waning”.

Such an innocent and casual question, yet I feel…

Thank you for sharing more about you and what you do, Ranjani :) So glad to have a fellow writer from Singapore too. I'd love to learn from you how you've managed to publish four books on Amazon despite having a full-time job as a scientist!

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