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Gentleness Ambassador. My Word for 2021 is Dance! Editor for Authentic Solopreneurs and Gentleness Ambassadors. I teach at

A poem by Julius, my 9-year old son

Photo by Bermix Studio on Unsplash

Who are the patients?
They’re people with ‘situations’.

They tried to be patient
while waiting for medication.

Look at that doctor
He received the ‘invitation’.

He checked who wrote it
but it didn’t mention.

He opened it
and it said he needs to go to Hogwarts
to write a composition.


I was typing out his poem as he recited line by line to me. At first, I thought the ‘invitation’ was the invite to schedule for the COVID-19 vaccination appointment, but he swiftly turned to fantasy-writing, having just watched the first Harry Potter movie a few nights ago.

Well, it…

I learned to forgive myself

Photo by Claudiu Morut on Unsplash

“Stop yelling at your kids. You shouldn’t be so harsh on him. Bedtimes are supposed to be gentle. Did you just commanded him to sleep?! Oh gosh! You’re supposed to be a Gentleness Ambassador!”

I’m so far away from the person I want and can be. Practicing Gentleness is a lifelong journey. Though I’ve made improvements along the way, it still doesn’t feel like I’m transforming fast and complete enough.

I want to practice mindfulness. I want to be a caring mother. I want to be a role model, not to show how addicted I am to my phone. Frustration…

Your angel wings are a sign of personal and spiritual growth

Photo by Ava Sol on Unsplash

Many humans are starting to awaken the angelic origin in themselves — my life is full of ethereal and human angels. There are so many synchronicities about angel wings that come to me over and over again. Even as I’m typing out these words, my eyes start to get misty and my chest starts to swell with profound gratitude.

Many of Us Are Incarnated Angels

Remember the popular American Drama series — Touched By An Angel? Even though nobody in my typical Asian family in Singapore shared about the concept of angels when I was a child, somehow seeing these angels on TV just felt so…

A weekly newsletter by Authentic Solopreneurs

Photo by Brett Jordan on Unsplash

Dear readers and writers,

Welcome to the second week of May 2021.

In this newsletter, all four articles mentioned are focused on healing, spirituality, and transformational inner work. I think more of us are recognizing the need for personal growth which can often involve energy healing, rewiring our mental programming, and spiritual coaching. I hope that these articles can offer you some great modalities to explore further. And if you are a fellow coach and healer, I hope that you can gather inspiration to describe your unique transformational practice with more clarity and build more resonance with your audience.

Our Latest Stories


Lessons from a former Poker-faced Karate Branch Chief

Photo of Gregory Vahanian, Transformational Life Coach. Used with permission from Gregory Vahanian

Gregory Vahanian is a Transformational Life Coach based in Los Angeles, CA, USA. Whenever I see him in our online business group mentoring calls, I’m amazed by how he always looks like he’s basked in eternal peace, joy, and gratitude. His huge smile radiates throughout his entire being. He even looks like he’s literally glowing! I just had to interview him about this intriguing mystery that I wanted to decode.

Very swiftly, he put me out of guru-worshipping mode by assuring me that he’s very much still a human who experiences a full spectrum of human emotions —some expressed openly…

And the healing relief of storytelling through dance and words

Photo by tripleMdesignz on Unsplash

I used to think that I was being gentle with myself when I tried to be as still as possible, both in my mind and body. I was physically exhausted and energetically overwhelmed as an Empath new mom. The moment I opened my eyes each morning, I’d wish that I’d fast-forward to my kids’ nap times, and their bedtimes. I tried to move as little as possible to conserve my energies. I didn’t have the capacity to think about anything else other than to keep trudging forward with each essential task in looking after my kids.

But I was wrong…

Dear Sofie, I see your love for your mum, yourself, and how it radiates beautifully to connect with others who are feeling torn by grief. Thank you for sharing your wisdom through this difficult period in your life. I love how the MAP modality clearly states that Grief is an emotion that shouldn't be cleared by pracitioners. So much wisdom in that. Thank you.

Generators & Manifesting Generators

Honor your sacral intuition

Made in Canva by the author

Have you ever watched or read success stories that mention “one thing led to another”, and soon…

  • I married the love of my life
  • I found my dream career
  • I became a bestselling author

This phrase seems like what 70% of the world, Human Design Generators and Manifesting Generators, are meant to do. We are meant to observe and follow our sacral responses. We are meant to honor our sacral Yesses and No’s.

Looking back in my life, I could see how when I honored my sacral yesses and no’s, I:

  • Left an unfulfilling work environment and dropped out of…

A weekly newsletter by Authentic Solopreneurs

Photo by Metis Designer on Unsplash

Dear readers and writers,

We’re moving into the first week of May 2021. Whether you’ve been directly or indirectly affected by the devastating news in India, my heart is with you.

When life gets stressful and we still have the responsibility to continue working in and on our solopreneur businesses, it’s vital to learn what we need to let go of, and be clear about what we need to focus on instead. …

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