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I'm Bingz, a dancing Gentleness Ambassador. Practicing Gentleness has been my conscious life path since late 2019, when I published my first book: Empower Your Life With Gentleness - A Simple Guide to Feeling Safe and Free to Be You. 

Through writing and birthing this book, I started:

- Reclaiming my passion for writing and dancing.

- Interviewing writers, mentors, healers, and solopreneurs all over the world who embrace the path of Gentleness like me.

- Searching for more healing/coaching modalities that are gentle, safe, and effective.

As a certified MAP Method™ Coach, I'm dedicated to guiding sensitive overthinkers to calm their anxious minds to be more present with loving compassion.

If you are curious to take a look at what I've learned over the years, please check out these lists of articles I wrote on Medium:

I look forward to connecting with you on Instagram | LinkedIn | Amazon | YouTube| Website.

Photo credit: Bingz Huang, photographed by Poey YT

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Gentleness Coach & Certified MAP Practitioner. I can guide you to feel happy and fulfilled despite life challenges.