I apologize that my 30-day writing challenge on Gentleness didn’t turn out the way I expected it to be. I only stopped at Day 7, and I continued with two more short articles in two of my favorite publications -Age of Empathy and Books Are Our Superpowers.

With my young boys spending their time at home now in the school holidays, I’m finding that I need a lot of my free time to contemplate and integrate my feelings and thoughts, instead of writing to share my wisdom.

I don’t want to churn out articles for the sake of fulfilling my 30-day challenge. So this is why I’ve stopped writing and publishing daily.

I suppose this is an act of gentleness for myself and for my readers too. :)

Gentleness Ambassador✨Storyteller✨Soul Dancer. I help soulful coaches and healers share their gentle wisdom too! Connect with me at Gentle.substack.com

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