I Let My Word for 2021 Guide and Transform My Life

My word — ‘Light’ has changed to ‘Dance’

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Ever since I’ve decided to align with my Word of the year — Light and committed to journaling my insights and breakthroughs on Medium, I’m starting to see a new storyline unfolding, and my new Word emerging.

It’s beautiful to see how my growing archive of stories since Jan 2021 is charting my progress and alignment to Light.

My three main intentions to embody Light are to feel light-hearted, feel lighter in the way I move my body, and feel safer to keep shining my light!

Though this wasn’t my first time creating and following my Word of the Year, I wanted a more practical way to keep embodying my Word of the Year, so that I can have a much deeper transformation. I dove deep into reading to gain new inspiration and found concrete ways to bridge the gap between the magical and the mundane. BJ Fogg’s Tiny Habits approach is now part of my toolbox to embodying Light in tiny ways each day.

Unwinding My Relationship With Dance and My Body

Through another magical synchronicity, I bought and read a fascinating book about alternate parallel timelines and reprogramming our beliefs written by Mira Kelley. There was a very tangible shift that occurred within me even as I read about the wondrous past lives her clients experienced. One thing led to another and soon I bought her pre-recorded past-life regression workshop and used this to guide myself through a few past lives.

What I found was so enlightening — I used to be a flower fairy whose entire life was a neverending brilliant dance. In the next lifetime, I became a human girl who was forbidden to dance and could only dance in my mind. In this life, I’m finally free to actually dance joyfully in both mind and body. And in this life, I feel and radiate my natural beauty whenever I dance.

Accessing those past lives made me appreciate my recent passion for dancing intuitively using silk fan veils. I was very lucky to have found Betty Kang to help me purchase my first silk fan veils and to teach me the basics of dancing with fan veils. I even interviewed her as a Gentleness Ambassador. She led me into this whole new world of flow arts movement where people all over the world use all sorts of flow props such as silk fans, hoops, poi, rope, and steel mace to move intuitively and meditatively.

Now I see how this way of dancing with my silk ‘wings’ feels so natural to me!

Busting Through Limiting Beliefs

As my dreams about being a prolific writer and public speaker became clearer, I invested in a 3-month private life coaching program by Sofie Hon, who’s an expert in using and teaching the MAP Method™.

Through her calm and compassionate coaching, I’ve released so much mental and emotional baggage and magnetized new affirming beliefs:

I now see that by dancing, I’m embodying and radiating light. I’m learning to slow down the rollercoaster in my mind and trust more in my life’s rhythm instead. I gently held space for my baby self, and she restored calm and peace in me. I feel safer in being paid well by my ideal clients. I create my life on a tropical paradise island floating in a sea of Calm.

I feel so elated busting through my limiting beliefs that I created a writing prompt asking fellow writers to share their personal triumphs in releasing their limiting beliefs too. Their stories warm my heart and I wrote a letter that combined all their prompt responses.

Evolving My Relationship With Dance

Gradually, as I reflect on my past triumph in reclaiming myself through dance, I realize how dancing is now a necessity, not an optional luxury. I use dance to release my complicated feelings as an emotional Empath and to spark my creativity. I use dance to reconnect to Nature.

‘Dancing’ With More Soulful Solopreneurs

Strengthening my relationship with Dance helped me to be more open to connecting with other like-minded people. I admire my fellow solopreneur friends who are dedicating their time and energy to facilitate transformational life changes in their clients and as I pivot towards helping them share their wisdom on Medium, I created a new publication called Authentic Solopreneurs for them.

It makes me so happy to help some of them write and publish their articles on Medium with more ease and joy!

My New Word for 2021 Is Now — Dance

As I reflect on my epiphanies and breakthroughs by dancing more and seeing more of my life as a dance, it just occurred to me that what I actually yearn to embody more of in 2021 is Dance. I dance to embody and radiate more Light. Saying ‘Dance’ used to make me feel embarrassed because I didn’t feel worthy and slim enough to declare it out loud. Now I’m ready to integrate more dance into my life.

It’s so amazing that being consistent in following my Word of the Year has led to so many magical synchronicities and deep transformation. I’m so grateful to be constantly revealing a deeper layer to myself, connecting to more kindred souls, and doing work that feels much more joyful to me.

Gentleness Ambassador. My Word for 2021 is Dance! Editor for Authentic Solopreneurs and Gentleness Ambassadors. I teach at Bingzhuang.Teachable.com

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