It was an epic game of Monopoly between my sons Jayden (aged 6) and Julius (aged 8). They were playing a special edition of Paw Patrol’s Global Village that was a newly unwrapped Christmas gift from our dear friends Von and Bob.

Jayden carried out his bold strategy of not buying any properties and just collected $2000 every time he passed “Go”. Julius tried buying every property and building houses and hotels on them, just waiting for Jayden to pay the price.

They played for hours, with Jayden miraculously skipping all of Julius’ growing collection of cities all over the world! Jayden grew increasingly bored. Julius grew increasingly desperate.

Who will win before bedtime?

Finally, Jayden landed on one of Julius’ highly developed property and had to pay $18k! That was all Julius needed to feel victorious, even though Jayden still had money left.

What an epic game!

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