Thank you, Aimee. Though I haven't witnessed any actual car wrecks, my mom got hit by a car last Christmas and thankfully she's still in one piece with a high chance of being able to walk normally again. Every day as I race across the highway to fetch my kids to and fro school, occasionally finding myself yelling at my seven-year-old to buckle up and sit up, I keep thinking how fragile our lives can be.

So I'm using this to keep reaching towards my dreams.

I'm dreaming of having days when I can do book signings and give inspiring TED talks on Gentleness, with actual people who want to read and listen about it. I want to shine bright in every step of my way.

And I wish you all the best in getting your books published, even made available in my local library here! Sending my best wishes to fulfilling your dreams too! Thank you for this beautifully resonant piece.

Thank you for

Gentleness Ambassador✨Storyteller✨Soul Dancer. I help soulful coaches and healers share their gentle wisdom too! Connect with me at

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