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A big hello to my friends on Medium,

I am Bingz from Singapore! I’ve published an About Me article way back in early September 2020, and so much has happened in my journey in Medium and personal life!

So I thought it’ll be nice to do this again, with a different take on my name as an acronym.


Taking my nickname Bingz, I aspire to be:

  • Bright
  • Inspirational
  • New
  • Gentle, and
  • Zen!

‘B’ for Bright

As a child, I loved watching Care Bears do their Care Bear stares, where shiny magical powers radiate from their cute tummies to help save the day! I love seeing myself as a bright light who’s not afraid to keep shining my uniqueness. On a soul level, I do believe that my soul originated from a distant planet. …

A poem

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I am beautiful —
why doesn’t it feel true?

I search my memories and found it
there! that moment when I became the fat girl in class
and denied me the chance to dance

but Dance always finds her way back to me
tapping on my door
checking in
whispering to me
feel, stretch, extend, groove
see yourself in that mirror
you light up when you move!

but what would others say?!
fat girls are not fit to groove!

I silently grew
till my peers are too old to sneer
and so I danced
and thrived
and loved
this magic I finally could hold close to my heart! …

There is power in imagining and wanting

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My dream is to become a prolific author, public speaker, and Gentleness Ambassador. Even though this new vision only started to take root in mid-2020 when I was almost 40, it just feels like an old dream that resurfaced with new clarity.

But after spending the first three months obsessing about writing and publishing, I felt overwhelmed and lost. I was puffing and chugging along with no destination in sight. It was time for me to put on the brakes and slow down to figure out how to fulfill my dream more sustainably.

The first thing I did to spend my newly freed up time was to read more. This time, I stopped reading for personal development. Instead, I read to escape the daily drudgery of taking care of my two young rambunctious boys who had their school break for the entire month of December with nowhere else to go and to simply read for fun. …

This morning, I drove like a selfish jerk. A bus wanted to switch to my lane but I zoomed past it instead.

Shortly after, I did it again!

What’s wrong…

What’s yours?

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A few years ago, I started choosing my personal Word of the year, where I choose and use a specific word to guide me throughout that year. It felt much easier to keep realigning to a specific word, rather than to set S.M.A.R.T. goals and try to achieve them by end of each year.

How the word Consistency helped me in 2020

Last year, in 2020, I set the word Consistency as a way to start building mastery in my part-time business as an intuitive healer and new author. This word served me so well in the midst of lockdown and fears of being heavily impacted by the pandemic. …

Take one long and slow breath. The world just slowed down for you.

It’s amazing how when you let go of pushing too hard and focus on being with every…

It was an epic game of Monopoly between my sons Jayden (aged 6) and Julius (aged 8). They were playing a special edition of Paw Patrol’s Global Village that was…

Analysis of Aimée Gramblin’s writing personality through her Human Design chart

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I interviewed Aimée Gramblin a few months back on how she thrives as a Sensitive Writer. During the interview, I asked for her permission to do a basic reading of her Human Design chart as well.

There are some fascinating aspects in her chart that seem to correlate with her writing personality as well. So I’d like to share with you some of my observations.

As this is not a typical Human Design chart reading, I will not be explaining the usual basic terms in the chart. …

I apologize that my 30-day writing challenge on Gentleness didn’t turn out the way I expected it to be. I only stopped at Day 7, and I continued with two more short articles in two of my favorite publications -Age of Empathy and Books Are Our Superpowers.

With my young boys spending their time at home now in the school holidays, I’m finding that I need a lot of my free time to contemplate and integrate my feelings and thoughts, instead of writing to share my wisdom.

I don’t want to churn out articles for the sake of fulfilling my 30-day challenge. …

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